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Bigenhaircolor directly afterarelaxer 25 best ideas about bigen dye. How to dye your hair with bigen permanent powder color semi how use youtube.

All permanent haircolors, including Bigen Powder, require a preliminary skin allergy test before each use.

you can userelaxer for any kind of hair, it is always going to be dangerous and it works differently for everyone's hair. it is better to be completely natural for

You could wash your hair immediately, but most women don't want to because they ethier want to preserve the style after spending the money to

Never usecolorafterarelaxer if you’ve experienced burning during the application. (Always use a color that is safe to apply the same day of relaxer

Afterdyeing your hairyou can choose to straighten it either permanently or style it with a flat iron only when you are getting dressed for an occasion.

Can straightening your hair before getting arelaxer damage your hair? What can be done with a 46-year-old woman who has not gone to the gynecologist

source: I usedhaircolor removal now my hair is a orange yellow brass color. the box said this would happen and that you can dye it after and i have medium b?

Do you think using the relaxer and color at the same time was a bad choice? What would you recommend to stop the breakage?

Use semi-permanent haircolor once a week or as directed on the brand of haircolor. This color formula does not contain ammonia, so it is safe

Just because hair care companies create and market relaxer kits for children doesn't mean they're safer to use on young scalps.

Coloringhair and perming hair both damage the hair to some degree. They both cause drying and sometimes splitting of the hair.

Though my hair is dark on its own I like to keep my hair as blackest black as possible. I started dying my hair at about 11-12 and quickly found that after just...

What can make haircolor dull, actually change the color to a washed out out colorless appearance? The tecture has also changed to fine, as well

Hair relaxers are a way of chemically straightening one's hair and can turn a super curly or coily mane into straight strands. It is a fairly popular method

When deciding you want the straight natural hair, you can do so without the use of arelaxer. A hair relaxer chemically replaces the hair structure. There are two kinds of relaxers, lye, and no-lye. Lye offers quicker results for your hair but can be harsher than no-lye relaxers.

Bigen™ is permanent haircolor but can be usedafterrelaxer on medium to course hair. Economical - Bigen™ can be divided for use several times and save the remaining for next touch up applications. Most cost effective permanent hair colorant in market. Easy to Use. Simply mix with water and then...

How do I choose between the Hair Strengthening Kit and the Two Step Treatment? What is the difference?How often should the treatment (the

A few tips and tricks can bring you the best relaxer for the least amount of money – without the stress!