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You can pay nearly any bill that can be paid with a debit or credit card by using a Visa GiftCard. I have found some difficulties if the company is using certain processors - in particular PayPal. Most larger companies are not using PayPal to process debit and credit transactions.

You can't pay your credit card with a giftcard that is merchant specific and is a card without acceptance.

Try this giftcard buying exercise out at home – especially when anyone asks you to pay with a giftcard: Q: Should I buy an iTunes, Google

Retailers where you can buy giftcards with your credit card include Amazon, Target, Walmart, The Home Depot, Walgreens, CVS, Simon Malls and

Prepaid giftcards, including PIN-based Visa and Mastercard giftcards, are common for a variety of reasons.

Accepting giftcards as payment is now a simple process withGiftCardPayments. We easily allow your customers to pay with any major brand giftcard. GiftCardPayment’s API allows businesses to offer an alternative payment method for their customers. Electronic brands are sold instantly through...

You can use your Only 1 Visa GiftCard wherever Prepaid Visa cards are accepted. You can use it to make online purchases, at more than one merchant and to make purchases outside of Australia (purchases made in foreign currency are subject to a Currency Conversion Fee of 3.5%).

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However, sometimes paying one card off with another can lead to more financial problems. Here are some things to remember if you’re thinking about moving the balance on

For most holidays i get giftcards, thats great but i would love to find a giftcard that i could use to pay my bills. So heres my question, if someone gets me a

You can obtain a replacement Visa Prepaid Card at no cost and without reducing the balance on the

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Blitsy accepts most third party giftcards as long as you have registered your giftcard with the issuing company and your giftcard has the full value

CanYou Load a Prepaid Card With a Credit Card? Talia Koren. Updated: Jul 25, 2018. Editorial Disclosure. Image Credit: American Express. A prepaid card works similarly to a giftcard, but it’s one that you can reload with cash. Even though it can be used to pay bills, rent, book a hotel or a...

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YES with this GiftCard Hack:Many people think that you cannot use a Visa giftcard online if the transaction exceeds the dollar value on the Visa giftcard.

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