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My truck is a 2004 dodge ram 1500 offroad edition. it came with 31" tires stock and soon im going to be getting a 6" fabtech lift kit will i be able to fit37" mickey thompson baja radial MTZ tires(its the certain kind of tire im getting)on my truck.. thank for all

The 37" tire I am looking at is 13.5 wide instead of 12.5 that I have now. Will that make any difference as to whether it will fit?

Find tire sizes for each Mitsubishi Montero year and option.

You can also view the full Mitsubishi Monterotire size chart below.

Canyou put 37 inch tireson a dodge 2500 with just a leveling kit? No you cannot. You will need a lift to fit37" tires.

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Your truck can fit 33s without a problem, and like previously said, w/ 4" lift, 37s will fit nicely. Most of the times you can fit 15" rims on these trucks, and to stay on the low cost side, 15s would help, but 16s would work too, Just no 16.5s and a 17 on...

You can find the information on the biggest tires to fit on your truck in the owner’s manual. There, the vehicle manufacturer suggests the most suitable sizes of tires (both bigger and smaller) for the car.

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You can fit37's on an xrunner with enough sawzall blades. No lift required.

What canyou guys tell me about the generation 2 I think it may have been called the endeavor or? . It looks to me like a competitor to the 98 -2000...

You do realize that 35" tires can be fit on a STOCK vehicle, but 37" requires a whole whack of suspension mods. Progression is the key. Unless you figure out what you can do with stock tires, and then 35" tires, you won't know how good you have it on 37" tires.

For most GenI Montero owners, you’ll have a final ring and pinion drive gear ratio of 4.625 and stock tire size is 225 or 235/75R15.

infiniti g37Tires. You’re almost there. Give us a little more info, and we’ll show you tires that fit your vehicle.

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You didn't do much searching lol but to answer your question yes you can. Running OME 613 (3.5" of lift) with CB +3" shackle and Toytec Deaver AAL in the rear (~3" Answer: To fit 33-inch tireson a Jeep TJ, you really need a minimum of 3 inches of lift. A 4-inch lift is preferred to prevent rubbing (especially if you plan to take it offroad).

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