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The 37" tire I am looking at is 13.5 wide instead of 12.5 that I have now. Will that make any difference as to whether it will fit?

You didn't do much searching lol but to answer your question yes you can. Running OME 613 (3.5" of lift) with CB +3" shackle and Toytec Deaver AAL in the rear (~3"

The type of tireyou choose will affect the gas mileage, the wear and tear on parts, and of course, your wallet.

37X12.50X16.5MUD tire and wheel combo for most 4X4 trucks. We have wheels to fit everything but 5-5....

You can get away without the bodylift, especially if you are replacing your shocks. I fitted Old Man Emus many

You do realize that 35" tires can be fit on a STOCK vehicle, but 37" requires a whole whack of suspension mods.

You can fit37's on an xrunner with enough sawzall blades. No lift required.

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You may get lucky and fit these 37x13.5's but they might rub on the lower air valance and/or the upper control arm at full lock.

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If you are not currently enrolled in a plan UnitedHealthcare Customer Service Advocates will answer your Medicare Advantage questions and give you Answer: To fit 33-inch tireson a Jeep TJ, you really need a minimum of 3 inches of lift. A 4-inch lift is preferred to prevent rubbing (especially if you plan to take it offroad).

If you mix and match, you may end up with significant differences in tire tread depth between your front and rear axles. This could result in other problems if

its almost like, you can get an great 20" tire for the track but you cant get it in a larger width than a 285. any bigger and you sacrifice tread pattern and handling.

Canyou swap engines on a 1987 Mitsubishi montero if one was a manual transmission and the other is an automatic?

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I fit 2.35 on my front tire and 2.2 on the back most ive been able to squeeze. If u ever buy a 2.3 again look at the kenda excavators.

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I would think you could fit a 295 on a 9.5" rim, but you might not get real good handling in any hard cornering.

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You can find out by inspecting the emissions sticker that is located in your engine compartment.

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The actual dimensions of a tire depend on the rim on which it is mounted. Aspect ratio and rim / pan width.

The Montero cap is like marmite, some people really like them whilst others don’t. There are very few references of monteros being worn, and even

This just seems wrong…how can a bigger tire fit on a smaller rim? I feel like I could be riding down the highway, and my wheels will suddenly fly off my car!

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You can fit 35's no problem with your trd pro shocks. You are on the right trail by adding shims (not spacers) and shackles in the back.

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