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When you use your creditcardto pay off your car loan, you are closing the loan account and taking on the balance ascreditcard debt instead.

B) RESERVE the car using your creditcard and PAY for the car rental using cash or your debit card. As I’ve stated before, I did not cut up my creditcards

Do you mean a pre-paid creditcard? Answer: Yes, but only if you have enough of an upper limit to cover the “hold” that a rental car agency puts on your creditcardto cover unexpected charges. In effect, they put a hold on the estimated rental expences, say $ 500 and then, sometimes...

I’m getting ready to buy a new car. I read that most dealers cap the amount you can pay for with credit, but even if I can only charge $5,000 or so

Some Car Dealers Won’t Accept CreditCards… It might not seem logical to reject a customer who’s ready to commit to buying acar, even if

And you can even useacreditcardto make your monthly car payment too! This is great news for folks looking for ways to meet a card’s minimum

Creditcard is just a card you get from your bank with extra benefits(interest rates, online purchases, etc)and you can have your own money (positive +balance) on the card. Buying on credit is purchasing goods with money that's not yours(-balance). Eg: buying acar through a bank etc..

Usingacreditcardto make the down payment could make it possible for you to earn rewards points or even afford a down payment you might not otherwise be

Car dealerships don’t allow creditcards as a form of payment for a couple of reasons. They have to pay transaction fees — which average from 1

If you useacreditcardto buy acar, the ideal scenario is that you get the longest 0% creditcard you can, whether that's a purchase card or a money transfer card, use it to buy the car, then pay off a set amount each month designed to clear it in time. This means the debt's cleared at the end of the 0...

First thing first: Before you can charge your car to acreditcard, you have to find out if your dealership even offers that option. Most of the time, they

Do you need to rent acar without acreditcard? It's possible to do so these days, although it's still a lot easier to use one.

Creditcard car buying guide - why usecreditcard for car purchase? You might have a few reasons to put your next car purchase on the creditcard - from getting reward miles to financing acar down payment. The real question is if it is actually possible to buy acar with acreditcard...

Acreditcard can be a good way to buy acar if the dealership allows due to the rewards points and potentially lower interest rates.

Car rental companies can be pretty nosy when it comes to your travel plans—especially at airports. If you land at the Nashville airport and want to rent a

Get the answer and explore the different options available to you in this handy guide from Discover.

CanI actually Buy aCar 100% on card? Almost all car showrooms “will accept” creditcard as a payment option for paying the “booking amount”.

Purchasing acar with acreditcard can make a ton of sense, but it may also be the world’s worst idea.

Even though your creditcard has a $15,000 credit limit, does it mean you should use it to buy a shiny new car?

With acreditcard transaction, the buyer can contest the charge if the vehicle doesn’t live up to his or her expectations. See related: Meet a guy who put

If you decide to useacreditcardto buy acar, be sure to give your bank a call beforehand. Large purchases are often flagged as potentially fraudulent transactions, but you can avoid this by letting them know ahead of time that you expect to put a certain amount on your card within a certain timeframe.