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Activision has today made all four CallofDuty: BlackOps3DLCZombies maps available for separate purchase, for those who want the maps

...ofDuty: BlackOps3's campaign railroads you towards human-on-human genocide, the zombies mode lets you and a handful of friends bring the fight to

BlackOps 2 - GUN DLC - No More! WHY? - (CallofDuty: BlackOps 2 Multiplayer Gameplay). CODsFunNewGame. 0:57.

BlackOps3 Maps from BlackOps & BlackOps 2. New BlackOps3Zombies Content. Based on previous CallofDuty: BlackOpsDLC and Callof

CallofDuty’s Zombies mode has become a bigger and bigger part of the mega-hit franchise - ever since it debuted as a one-off idea in World at War.

Most significantly, "DLC 4" will provide the last installment of the long-running Zombies storyline that originated back in 2008's CallofDuty: World at War. As the final expansion for the final BlackOps game, Blundell hopes to "put brackets around" the experience by wrapping up the ongoing story.

Contenido descargable (DLC) de CallofDuty: BlackOps3 (requerido). A la venta en: Descarga digital.

Views: 577. Share: CallofDuty: BlackOps 3 Zombies (DLC #3 Descent) - In Gorod Krovi, kill 10 zombies at once with the Guard of Fafnir (Shield Part

REVOLUTION - Multiplayer Map Pack with 4 new maps. NUKETOWN ZOMBIES - This dlc is a Zombies map based on Nuketown, a multiplayer

The translated description of the purported "CallofDuty: BlackOps3" DLC reads: "It is a full suite which brings the original contents of BlackOps3 and the content of Zombie Chronicles, includes eight classic maps of Treyarch Zombies remastered and all the maps include the Gobblegum function."