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The BlendDooractuator on the FordWindstar can be found by removing the glovebox. A broken blenddooractuator is almost as common as a broken blenddoor itself. Typically, the fix requires disassembling the entire dash and replacing the whole plenum box, which can be a costly repair.

The temperature blenddooractuator is almost straight behind the radio. See "Related Questions" below for detailed instructions on replacing the

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How to replace Blenddooractuator. 1998 Fordwindstar. Blenddoor Removal. Remove cassette storage box or center shelf unit, if equipped. Remove instrument panel ash receptacle (04810) by depressing service lever and disconnecting wiring harness.

2002 FordWindstar …LX Replacement REPF410205 HVAC Heater BlendDoorActuator - Sold Individually, 3C3Z19E616BA.

Search Windstar BlendDoor. got one of these for another ford last year My 2002 Windstar's HVAC is back in business thanks to this replacement door

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2001 FordWindstar - When I turn on the ignition switch a clicking noise starts. I can hear that it is coming from inside the dash.

The HVAC blenddooractuator is the primary airflow-directing part in your FordWindstar cabin. This part is hugely responsible for a flawless vehicle

The blenddooractuator will work for while and then die. Sometimes there appears to be power to the actuator, and other times not. I'm thinking there is a short somewhere between fuse #13 and the actuator, but I can't find it.

1998 fordwindstar. 6 cyl. FWD. Automatic. 110,000 miles. My heater doesn't work on my Windstar 98 3.8L. I'm sure that it's either the actuator or the blenddoor. Where is located the actuator? Also, how to remove it step by step? SPONSORED LINKS.

An actuator moves the blenddoor automatically when the temperature control is moved. An actuator can be powered by vacuum or by a small motor mounted

Apparently, HVAC blenddoor problems are rather common across the Ford product line. A few months ago, my wife’s 2000 Windstar began making a ‘clicking’ sound whenever she would move the cool/heat slider on the dash.

Hi all. I have been reading on several articles about ford’s blenddooractuators on this forum (it’s a fantastic forum). I have a 96 FordWindstar with heater problems. Sometimes it blows cold air. To get to the components I had to remove the cover around the temperature controls.

Temperature BlendDoorActuator. Responsible for adjusting temperature of air. Replaces dealer part numbers: XF2Z19E616FB, XF2Z 19E616 FB.

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My blenddoor motor was dying when I bought the vehicle. You could hear it making a thump-thump like a gear missing and it wouldn't go into full cold.