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...DangRiver (1288): Heritage, landscape and cultural values Paddy O'TOOLE Monash University, Faculty of Education, Clayton, VIC, Australia 61412347280, [email protected] Abstract This paper presents research being undertaken in northern Vietnam around the site of the Battleof...

Tran exploited the weaknesses of the pursuing Mongols with a series of brilliant counter-offensives. He also lured the enemy into naval battles thus

BachDangRiver has been the site of three important battles in Vietnamese history: in 938 resulting in Vietnamese independence, in 981, and in 1288, where General Tran Hung Dao employed tactics used in 938 to drive out Mongol invaders.

Battleof Kadesh, 1274 BC BattleofBachDangRiver, 985 Battleof Hastings, 1066 Battleof Tondibi, 1591 Battleof Rossbach, 1757 Battleof the Nile, 1798 Battleof Moscow, 1941 Yom Kippur War, 1973 Battleof Mosul, 2014.

Then in 1288 the Vietnamese leader Tran Hung Dao routed the Mongols at the BachDangRiver. However in the early 15th century China tried to regain control of North Vietnam. In 1407 they occupied the country but their rule was resisted. In 1418 Le Loi began the Lam Son Uprising.