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Mega Ampharos has an extremely high Special Attack stat, good bulk for an attacker, and access to good offensive STAB attacks that hit almost every type for neutral damage. However, it has a limited...

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Black 2. The tip of its tail shines so brightly it can be used to send sea-navigation beacons to distant

Ampharos - Pokemon 8" Plush. Ampharos has a long, black-striped tail with a red orb at the tip. The orb on its tail can shine so bright, that it can be seen from space.

Ampharos has the unique advantage of being one of very few pure Electric-types with decent stats currently in the game. It has only one weakness to the Ground-type, and Ampharos has access to...

One of the biggest changes Black and White have introduced is that Pokemon from previous

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Well, Here's Pixel art Ampharos. If ya like it leave a comment :3 Pokemon: Ampharos.

Each Pokemon TCG booster packs contains 10 cards. Each player must have a 60-card deck of Pokemon cards to play.

I love how in GSC an Ampharos is the power source of the Olivine City’s Lighthouse. And I will go to Cianwood and back as many times as needed to make sure Amphy is in good health!