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Although female circumcision has never been performed among Turkish tribes, male circumcision is generally performed inTurkey (prevalence @ 99%) at any time between the period of birth and marriage, generally before the school age according to the Islamic and traditional points of view (3)...

Circumcision performs a number of functions in the social structure; a grand circumcision ceremony not only allows the family of the boy concerned to affirm its respectability in the eyes of the community, it also increases that respectability, as well as being a source of considerable joy for the parents.

The performance ofcircumcision is one of the rules of cleanliness in Islam. It is reported by Abu Hurairah that the Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be

Traditionally occurring between the agesof five and 12, and known as the “first joy,” it’s seen as the first landmark in the boy’s religious life, proof that he

Only 15% of children were circumcised before 1 year of age. The main reasons for circumcision were religious and traditional. Our study indicated that nothing changed after 10 years and educational levels did not seem to affect the traditional approach to circumcisioninTurkey.

In conclusion, circumcision, even at advanced age, should be regarded as a surgical procedure and has an acceptable complication rate depending

Slide 1CircumcisionInTurkey Slide 2 Circumcision is performed on about 1/7th of the world's male population. Slide 3 A boy who will be circumcised is

Circumcision at the ageof 7 or 8 days is held as the ideal time for circumcisionin many religions and cultural traditions. We would have to agree that this may have been an excellent age to perform circumcision with older methods ofcircumcision where bleeding and poor healing were significant...

Rates ofcircumcision remain high in Jewish men: about 98 percent of American Jews are circumcised [source: WHO].

Circumcision predates recorded human history, with depictions in stone-age cave drawings and Ancient Egyptian tombs. Theories regarding it include that circumcision is a form of ritual sacrifice or offering, a health precaution, a sign of submission to a deity, a rite of passage to adulthood, a mark of...

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Circumcision is an important tradition in Islam,” Mayor Ibrahim Kavuncu told Reuters with pride as he watched the boys and their families assemble in a square fronting Eyup Sultan Mosque to perform religious rites. Draped in blue cloaks over cream satin shirts and wearing caps...

Here is our list of notable circumcised men. Note that it does not seek to include all prominent circumcised, but only those who have

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Circumcision was introduced to the Iranians through Islam and is a rite of obligation amongst Jews. However, the practice has a long history in the ancient Middle East and is closely related to the rituals dedicated to ancient gods and goddesses of fertility. It is suggested that male circumcision started...

Actual delay in circumcision was defined as children who were circumcised after two months or children who were not circumcised but had crossed the ageof two months. SPSS 21 was used for data analysis. For descriptive analysis, means and standard deviations were reported for continuous...

The great majority ofcircumcisionsin New Zealand were performed freehand